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With Abstra you can make in two hours a project that would take two weeks in a usual development process.

Great companies are building with Abstra

Faster and more efficient iterations

Our clients have found that a designer and a junior developer using Abstra can outpace a traditional 5-person product team.

Visual drag-and-drop UI builder

Design and test interfaces in real-time and style them according to a design system with a few clicks.

Actions and custom code

Without writing any code make your app change pages, save and load data, display a message, etc. Add custom code only if needed.

Database and API integrations

Abstra comes with a real database integrated out-of-the-box so you don’t need to setup anything else to start creating. Easily integrate with any API through REST or GraphQL or your own PostreSQL database.

Deploy instantly

With 1 click, you can deploy and host your app on AWS CDN. Cloud and on-premise.

Secure and compliant

Safe by default

Private cloud

Build your applications in a safe environment. Hosted on our cloud or your own.

Dedicated database

Each project has its own database instance.

Oauth2 compliant

Every application is secure by default using Oauth2 standards.

Abstra apps are compliant with the CCPA, GDPR and LGPD practices.

Connect to anything

From databases to APIs, get data and trigger actions from whatever you want

Google Sheets

You don't have to manage a database to have your data organized.
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The most common API pattern
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Flexible query language over HTTP
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Powerful open-source relational database
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Spreadsheet like databases
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Flexible and document based NoSQL database
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NoSQL Database from AWS
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Powerful open-source relational database
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MS SQL Server

Microsoft's popular relational database
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Upload, download and manage files on your own AWS S3 buckets.
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Send automatic emails easily
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Send messages, manage groups and more with telegram
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Execute commands on remote machines
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Execute python code without having to bother about infrastructure.
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You can create tests and MVPs with abstra with our free licence.

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Pricing Plans

To create real product, choose the plan that fits your needs.

Monthly per published app
Starter plan
$ 100

Essential Features to create and publish a nice platform!

Custom domain
Sign in Authentication
Up to 20 queries
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Standard plan
$ 300

Everything you need to build quality products!

Everything on Starter Plan
Custom DNS domain
User based access control
Up to 60 queries
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Professional plan
$ 500

Pro tools and features for creating professional apps!

Everything on Standard Plan
Self-host frontend
Role based access control
Up to 100 queries
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Enterprise offer
Get the full power of the Abstra platform. Empower your product team to create outstanding apps and platforms.
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Everything on Professional Plan
Self-host backend
Custom based access control
Unlimited queries
Audit changes
Live sessions
Dedicated webinars
Dedicated account manager
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